The economics of solar power have never been better. As more people have gone solar, the price of solar panels has come down. The federal tax credit covers 30% of the solar system cost, and in some states there are additional local and utility rebates to offset retail price.

You own the solar system and its expected useful life is 30+ years. On average, top tier electricity prices have increased about 5% per year for the last 30 years. When you choose solar, you lock in low electricity prices and are no longer dependent on foreign oil or a volatile energy market. As utility rates continue to rise in the future, your investment becomes increasingly valuable.


It’s possible for you to switch to solar power without incurring the high upfront cost. In fact, we can have your solar system installed for free! You simply pay for your solar power by the month—just like your utility bill—only lower.

There are several payment options that we We offer to fit your financial goals. You can go solar for as little as $0 down. You can prepay for some of your electricity in advance to lower your monthly payments.

All the energy plans include our premium service package: monitoring, repair service, all-inclusive system insurance and a performance guarantee.

(PPA) Power Purchase Agreements

How is a Lease Different than PPA?

PPA and Lease are both great options. They offer similar financial advantages to the homeowner. The primary difference is that with a lease you pay by the month, and with a PPA you pay per kWh. Another benefit of the PPA is that you can purchase the system anytime after year five. Availability of PPA and Lease vary by location based on what your local utility company prefers.